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A lifestyle blog, drinks and travel blog by Sushmita Malakar.

I started this blog as a personal weblog in high school and eventually, this place has become my favourite place on the internet. I talk about many things - my travel adventures, my life stories and yes, a lot of classic and craft cocktail recipes. I spend much time in coming up with these delicious drinks that you can replicate at home! 

I am also your go-to girl for drink and bar consultation! Get in touch and let's shake up some delicious drinks! 

Sushmita Malakar | Austin Blogger | Austin Influencer | Austin Bartender


The Cocktail Blog

Recipes and More!

Sharing things you would love to know to be a home - bartender.

The Travel Blog

Travel Stories and Itineraries!

Some pretty places I visited in this lifetime. 

The Austin Guide

Know Austin a little more!

Bars, Restaurants and other places to visit in Austin.

From My Bookshelf

Book Reviews and More!

Some book reviews and other discussions about books.

Wedding and Beyond

Marriage Shenanigans!

Talking about my wedding and things after that.

Everything Else!


Talking about everything else under the sun.

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