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Mid Week Happy Hour | Tipsy Facts about Wine

Updated: Apr 12

Hello February!

This is the month of love – absolutely! And which alcohol is the most romantic of all? Without a doubt, it is wine! I can never get enough of it and will never will. After having wine tours in different parts of the world (I am yet to do France – that is the dream), I realized wine is something I can never get bored of!

Life Update: I cleared WSET Level 1 in wine and I am preparing for Level 2 now.

Though wine is excellent when enjoyed as it is, wine cocktails make the drinking experience even better! Mimosas and Sangrias are amazing, and that is the reason I am going to talk about more easy-to-make cocktails using your regular wine, all through this month!

Wine makes daily life easy, less hurried, with fewer tension and more tolerance Benjamin Franklin

But first, let us set some background by talking about some pretty amusing and tipsy facts about wine. And we are going to talk about a lot of wines today. So, if you fear of wine, you can stop reading. Oh, and that is called, oenophobia, by the way!

Wine has so many rights and wrongs. Just so many rules! I am always confused – I mean it’s just alcohol, right? But there are a few very sophisticated things that I have learned from the wine tours and digging into the wine encyclopedia in the past many years! So, about the rights and wrongs – there is a right way of holding a wine glass. You hold it from the stem. Holding the glass otherwise raises the temperature of the wine! Now that is something! I love my chardonnay and rose chilled, and that is the reason you will not find any of those stemless wine glasses in my house.

Talking about rules – every rule is pretty logical when it comes to wine. A wine bottle that is corked is stored lying down to keep the cork moist. If the cork dries out, it dwindles and might fall into the wine.

Those are two of the few things which my silly questioning rounds with the tour guides of wineries made me learn. Now, let me share a few things which they generally tell you!

I am a believer in the concept of reincarnation. And knowing about wines has strengthened my faith in it! According to “some” Roman legends, if a husband found his wife drinking wine, he had the liberty to kill her. Women were not allowed to drink wine! And that is how I believe, I might have died in my last birth! No warrior, nothing – just an everyday Roman housewife, fancying some wine!

Also, I had no idea that wine’s liquid volume was measured in some different unit. It’s called “butt”. No kidding.

And finally, remember how I talked about the unimaginable flavours of Vodka? Wine is not just fruity or spicy. In Vietnam, if you ask your waiter for a glass of cobra wine – they will serve the rice wine covered with snake blood. Hold on, that is not it. There are high chance that they might have killed the snake on the spot!

That is it that I have to share! Hope you have a great February! Love!

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