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Indian Cocktail Recipes | Golgappa Cocktail

Updated: Apr 11

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Indian cocktails are always enticing. They are flavourful and effortless to make at home.

I love to call this cocktail an Indian Michelada because it’s hot, spicy and sweet. And nothing can be more Indian than that! Golgappa shots are more or less the same, but it’s filling and less boozy!

Well, that is never my type of cocktail.

A Brief History of Golgappa

Golgappas has always been my favourite Indian snack. They consist of deep-fried flatbread (called puries) filled with boiled potato, lentils or boiled chickpea, sweet tamarind chutney and paani (flavoured water). I love the sweet tamarind and date water more than the spicy and tangy mint–coriander water.

Traditionally this North Indian snack is served with tangy and spicy mint – coriander water, but now you can get it in many other flavours. Some of them are mango, pomegranate and blackberry.

Indian Cocktail Recipes: Golgappa Cocktail

The best part about this cocktail is you can make it quicker than golgappas! Mint coriander chutney available in the market can be used in this recipe. And you can use the sweet tamarind chutney too.

Mint coriander chutney is a staple in summers in many Indian homes. It is very easy to make at home too. Sharing all the recipes. You can also try this recipe at home, for some authentic golgappas. And if you don’t want to do any hard work at all, just add vodka to leftover golgappa water! This makes it the easiest Indian cocktail recipe!

Rimming the cocktail glass with powdered sugar and chat masala (a blend of powdered cumin, dry mango and other Indian spices) gives the extra kick to this cocktail.

This is a vodka-based cocktail but believe me, you won’t feel its existence. So, if you don’t like vodka, you still can try this!

Enjoy this summer cocktail!

Don’t drink and drive. It’s not fun!

Golgappa Cocktail | Indian Michelada


  • 2 tsp Mint - Corriander Chutney (recipe in notes)

  • 1 tsp Sweet Tamarind Chutney (optional, can also add samosa chutney)

  • 30 ml Simple Syrup or Agave Nectar

  • 45 ml Vodka

  • 90 ml water

  • Ice to shake

  • Powdered sugar and chat masala for rimming the glass


  1. In a shaker add everything and give a good shake.

  2. Strain in a cocktail glass rimmed with sugar and chat masala


For the mint-coriander chutney, blend together fresh mint and cilantro leaves with Thai green chillies, lime juice and ginger julienne. Now, the proportions depend completely on your taste buds. Add chaat Masala and cumin powder to this paste.

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