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7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023]

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Update: I have updated this post with some new murals! This also has the edits where the murals don’t exist anymore.

If you Google Austin Murals, you will find tons of pages giving you Instagram goals for the perfect backdrop. My whole idea for writing this post is to take you through some of the less-treaded murals in Austin.

You can either take an Austin Mural walking tour or explore a larger area from the comfort of your car. Or you can zoom around on the electric scooters! They are a super cool way to explore this weirdly beautiful city.

I will be updating this post regularly.

Murals in Austin Tell a Story

I moved to Austin in 2019, and I have already talked about how astonishing I find this land! They say that let’s keep Austin weird. Austin is a land of creative people, a paradise for entrepreneurs, and culturally very diverse. Some murals have historical stories, some are part of a great marketing strategy, some are many artists’ canvases, and some are just there to maintain Austin’s character.

The first-ever fresco gave birth to the mural culture in Austin…

When a professor at the University of Texas painted folded hands amidst ghostly orbs on wet plaster, little did he know that he was making it for future artists to make the whole city their canvas. This was in 1950. This remains one of the best Austin murals, in my honest opinion!

Credits: Spectrum Local News

A heritage that needs to be preserved..

While you will find many murals on the street, they do pose threats from vandalization and property owners.

Every mural tells a lot about the community this city shelters. Every community has a different story to tell, and these murals are the best way to tell them.

Austin Murals on and around Burnet Road

While the murals in South Congress remain the hot places to get your pictures clicked, these murals on Burnet Road and around it are pretty unexplored, and I love them! I am starting with them because they are literally “Austin Murals near me”.

I will start with this one, a mural that tells it all!

1. I love ATX

You wouldn’t find it on the internet. I told you these unexplored murals are my thing! I have shared the location on the map at the end of this post with other mural addresses.

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
I Love ATX

2. The Copeland Mural

This one is not on Burnet Road, but it’s magnificently visible when you drive on this Road, across the newly constructed Q2 stadium.

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
The Copeland Mural

This is at the entrance of the parking of The Copeland apartments on W Braker Lane.

3. Sweet! You Are Here

I love how businesses also paint their walls so artistically and strategically at the same time. This one is at the Kelly Baking Co. on Burnet Road. I dragged Bae for this picture – because this is just love!

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
Sweet! You are here

Austin Murals on and around N Lamar Boulevard

I can walk on this street for hours and keep exploring the amazing pieces of art. It’s always getting some new murals all the time!

4. Texan Cowboy and Landscape

This definitely is a wall of a private home but I absolutely loved the complete Texan vibes of this mural. This is right behind the Lonestar Soccer Club.

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
N Lamar Boulevard

True, Austin made e live my dreams!

5. Ice Cream Wall

This looks more like graffiti but this is just too cute!

Though this graffiti has been removed, you can definitely find something interesting at this location!

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
Ice Cream Wall

6. Succulent Native Wall

This is another mural on one of the stores. Located in the Lamar Business Park, Succulent Native is a cute li’l plant store.

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
Succulent Native Wall

7. Hard Candy Wall

This lingerie store on North Lamar Boulevard has solid-coloured walls which are not exactly murals but give that extra pop of colours!

These solid walls make excellent display pictures!!

8. Weird Austin Forever

I love the creativity of this optical store – just so amazing!

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
Weird Austin Forever

Austin Murals on and around 1st Street

This place has the iconic Greetings from Austin mural. But let’s go further south!

9. You Make My Heart Sing

Though Threadgill’s has closed this mural still remains! And this is definitely iconic!

7+ Stunning Austin Murals for Your ‘Gram! [Updated 2023] | Sushmita Malakar
You Make My Heart Sing

10. Hearts and Shoes

Just another wall! I found it very pretty and cute!

Though this mural no longer exists, you can find some interesting murals around here!

East Austin has my heart!

11. Lost in Austin – Lustre Pearl East

Lustre Pearl is a popular hangout with great music, food and vibrant art walls!

11. Lost in Austin – Lustre Pearl East

12. Indian Murals at Nasha

While Nasha has some good fusion delicacies, I love this place for the vibes and super pretty walls!

I went to this place after a long day at work! Please forgive my damsel-in-distress look!

13. About Tacos and Lottery!

This is a local restaurant called Juan in a Million. I stumbled upon it while taking a walk on East Cesar Chavez St.

I will be back with more murals! Keep on checking this in!

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