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Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

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Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 | Sushmita Malakar
Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

2012 saw the first-ever Austin Food and Wine Festival. I moved to Austin three years ago and always wanted to go. And my dream came true in 2021. After the event got cancelled in 2020 (thanks to COVID-19), Austin Food and Wine Festival 2021 returned and how!

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021: A Recap

This year the Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 took place in Auditorium Shores from 5th to 7th November. I was impressed with their arrangements to make sure that only vaccinated people or audiences with negative test reports were allowed.

The park saw some of Austin’s most beloved spots with their signature dishes, celebrity chefs from Texas with live demonstrations and book signings, and brilliant wine and spirits companies with their tasting and signature cocktails!

If you are ready to eat and drink all day, this place is for you and don’t miss the fest in 2021!

Food, Food and Just Food

Long queues were worth the wait! Here are a few notable places sampling their specialities:

…and 20 more places.

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 | Sushmita Malakar
Bento Picnic Austin

I loved the Bento Picnic for its excellent vegetarian options!

Also, I love the Ooni Pizza Oven which serves some unique pizzas! New York’s Bryan Ford and Miriam Weiskind and California’s Jonathon Schuhrke operated the Ooni booth and served some amazing and inventive pies. And that reminds me of the live cooking demonstrations – just too much to learn for home chefs like me!

And did I mention, the eternal love of Texas, H.E.B. was there too! H-E-B offered a delicious sampling menu of grilled meats and delicious, grilled, organic produce, both seasoned with fresh herb-made rubs and marinades. Perfectly paired with an array of wines, hand-picked and poured by in-house H-E-B Wine Specialists, the whole spread was delightful!

Beyond Wines

The best stop was the wine-tasting session. It was different because I had not had a variety of German wines, and this was powered by Wines of Germany, U.S.A.

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 | Sushmita Malakar
Wine Tasting

Pro – tip: Make sure to arrive 30 minutes before the session to grab the best seat!

This was one boozy festival, to put it straight! Many spirit brands offered their tastings – which was great! I don’t remember what all I had, but I know my glass was never empty! Here are a few of the gazillion spirits being offered

  1. Austin’s Deep Eddy’s Vodka

  2. Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark

  3. Tennessee’s George Dickel

  4. Austin’s Truly Hard Seltzer

  5. US–brewed Stella Artois

  6. Austin’s Tito’s Vodka

…and, of course, many more!

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 | Sushmita Malakar
Beyond Wines

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021: Closing Set

Austin legend DJ Mel closes the festival with a set of popular favourites (think Prince, Madonna, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, and classic hip-hop) before the crowd disperses. The festival ended with dancing and revelry during the final 90 minutes of the weekend.

The Fire Pits: The Show Stealer

There were interactive fire pit presentations! Anything coming out of the fire pit is always worth a try! Among others, North Austin barbecue restaurant Interstellar B.B.Q showcased how it’s done!

This was my first time, so I definitely missed a lot of spots. But I am going to be there again next year!

Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021 | Sushmita Malakar
Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

Don’t forget to check my reels and story highlights on Instagram for some amazing videos of the Austin Food and Wine Festival 2021!

I am documenting my love for Austin in this blog. Have you checked out the pretty murals of Austin yet?

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