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Mid Week Happy Hour | Hard Seltzer Cocktails Recipe | Margarita with a Twist

Updated: Apr 11

This recipe has been featured in Huffpost!

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I recently collaborated with a hard seltzer brand and that was exactly when I was exposed to this world of hard seltzer. And me being me, I decided to use them to make cocktails. And thus, here I am – twisting up a classic cocktail and sharing this Hard Seltzer Cocktails Recipe.

Before we jump into the recipe, there are a few questions I need to answer. What are hard seltzers? Do we need to make cocktails with them? And many other things!

What are hard seltzers?

I wish there was a clear definition of that! Simply carbonated water with alcohol and natural flavours – this is a vague definition of hard seltzer. The alcohol content is usually low (below 5%) and is thus looked at as a summer alternative to beer. But we all know beer can never be replaced! Fermented cane sugar is the source of the ‘spike’ in any of your spiked seltzer.

However, there are many brands whose hard seltzer have vodka or wine – I prefer to call them as ready–to–drink cocktails.

Hard Seltzer Cocktails Recipe: Can Hard Seltzers be used to make cocktails?

Well, it depends!

They come in very fancy flavours and are ready to drink. You can find seltzers in basic citrus flavours and also in some unique flavours with cherries, berries, watermelon herbs and spices.

I thought of mixing them with some more alcohol to give me my kind of buzz. And the result turned out well.

In this cocktail, I am giving the regular margarita a sparkly twist. I had with me a hard seltzer in pomegranate and ginger flavour. Both pomegranate and ginger goes really well with lemon. Similarly, berries, mint, orange, cider and peaches go well with lemon. You can experiment with them too!

Hard Seltzer Cocktails Recipe | Margarita with a Twist


  • 45 mL (1.5 Oz) Tequila

  • 45 mL (1.5 Oz) Lemon juice

  • 15 mL (0.5 Oz) Simple Syrup

  • Your favourite hard Seltzer

  • 1 cup ice


  1. In a shaker, shake the tequila, lemon juice and simple syrup with ice.

  2. Pour the cocktail over ice.

  3. Top with the seltzer.

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