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I am still in the process of recovering everything. 
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The written content is intact - I hope you get the information that you are looking for. 
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Mid Week Happy Hour | Pink Lemonade | Wine Cocktail

Yay! The last wine cocktail of the month is going to be one of my favourites! Rose wine cocktails are a delight and they are the best summer cocktails to try.

I have talked enough about Rose wine in this post. It’s light, refreshing and fruity and I don’t think there is anything else that I can ask from my alcohol.

Even though it’s pink, there is nothing feminine about this drink. Fruity alcohol is always welcome for a change. It’s my go-to drink when I want a kick without any hangover.

The main reason for associating Rosé with summer is not because it’s refreshing. It is because of the production timings and limited quantities. It is usually out by spring and the sales end by fall, which gives it a season feel. But now the production has increased and you can find it throughout the year. 

This one summer wine cocktail is super easy. Also, Rose is a cheaper variety of wine, so having this cocktail doesn’t have to cost a bomb! Rosé can be used for making several cocktails. And trust me, there will come a time in your life when you will enjoy drinking cocktails more than anything.

This cocktail uses lemonade, which is according to me, a must-drink for summer! If you use bottled lemonade, this recipe is even easier for you!

Do not drink and drive. Be responsible

Pink Lemonade


  • 1/4 cup water

  • 1/4 fresh lime juice

  • 4 tablespoon Sugar

  • 1 cup ice-cold water

  • 1 cup Rose wine


  1. Make simple syrup by boiling 1/4 cup water and dissolving the 1/4 cup sugar. Let it cool.

  2. Add the lime juice, and simple syrup to the ice-cold water and mix well.

  3. Mix the lemonade with rose wine and divide into 2 glasses


You can use ready-to-use lemonade if you like. Adding a little bit of fruit juice of your choice to the pink lemonade is also a good idea. I add watermelon juice!

Fun Fact: Rosé is what we call it in French. The Spanish name is Rosado and the Italian name is Rosato. Hah!

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