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Mid Week Happy Hour | 5 Interesting Things About Vodka | Vodka Facts

Updated: Apr 12

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Happy New Year Peeps!

Okay, so the first thing that I wanted to do for this year, specific to my blog, was to come up with a content calendar. While I will be revealing it soon, be assured that every month we are going to talk about one alcoholic beverage. And on Wednesdays, I will be posting one cocktail recipe of that liquor that you can make at home. Nothing fancy, no extra bitters or extra syrups, simply at home with things you have in the fridge(or sometimes, the pantry!)!

Okay, why this series?

  1. I was thinking hard about what keeps me going through the week(apart from, of course, waiting for the weekend) and I knew it had to be alcohol. Having said that, I don’t imply I am an addict. In fact, this year I plan to drink less and I am doing pretty good at it so far.

  2. Why cocktail? Because once you reach a certain age, you want to drink but don’t want that hangover while you know that you have to drink something tasty!

  3. Okay, a lot of my friends and readers asked me to do this.

  4. Cocktail making is fun. Enjoying a tasty drink at home is fun too. Let us try to eliminate some of the fancy stuff and yet get that perfect concoction!

  5. Last but definitely the most least, alcohol is one thing about which I can blabber without getting bored. I hope at least this one series is always on time on the blog!

As the title suggests, we are going to talk about Vodka this month. And hopefully, end up making some good cocktails at home with it!

The Vodka Belt

It’s not just Russia which is the land of Vodka but there is an entire belt called the Vodka Belt.

Zoom in to the map to know a little more about the Vodka Belt, which comprises 11 countries!

Some More Vodka Facts!

Vodka can be made from anything, literally anything!

It’s not just potatoes or grains. You will find vodka made from fruits such as strawberries and apples.

No, I am not talking about the flavour – I am talking about the basic ingredient! Vodka is also made from honey, maple sap and I kid you not, even milk and whey!

Vodka is a great ingredient in your skincare routine.

Trust me, there is a range of toners and face masks that use vodka as an ingredient (of course, diluted!).

Vodka has proven to help kill bacteria, firm the skin and shrinking the pores. It really leaves your skin glowy!

Vodka Facts | Sushmita Malakar

And men, diluted vodka can be used as an aftershave too!

Vodka ages, and not finely!

So, here is the thing – an unopened bottle of vodka is good for years and decades.

However, an open bottle of vodka must be consumed within 12 months or as instructed on the bottle. Vodka expires and expired vodka can make you sick!

Vodka comes in many flavours – some unimaginable!

Yes, this Thai vodka is Scorpio flavoured and it comes with an infused scorpion in it.

Vodka Facts | Sushmita Malakar
Scorpio Infused Vodka

Now you get it how unimaginable I mean? There are Peanut Butter and Jelly flavours. Then there is smoked salmon. You name it and I am sure there is vodka in that flavour!


For me, vodka helps in releasing stress. I left drinking vodka after I had the worst hangover of my entire life. It was some five years ago. And I know we all have such weird stories about vodka! Since then, vodka has been that drink that I prefer when I am extremely sad – like when my life is not going anywhere and I know it! In the past five years, I don’t remember drinking a lot of vodka or any vodka at all.

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