This is going to be the most impulsive post that I have ever written on this blog. Like ever!

I usually take a week to ten days to write a post but this one is entirely different because I just indulged into compulsive shopping an hour ago. And now my guilt is wandering like a free soul!

I have always been a compulsive shopper. I used to shop a lot - like a lot - even when I was not earning. This increased ten folds after online shopping became a fad. However, I had controlled myself. And that is the only reason why I never applied for a credit card. TILL NOW.

Since the past one year, I had suppressed all my emotions to shop - online or offline - because I wanted to save money for the rainy days. I succeeded. And then, I just broke my 'celibacy' today. Why? I wish I had a clue.

Well, "SALE" was the impetus!

I had identified that during extreme sense of restlessness, I shop. The lucrative offers just act as a trigger point and I end up shopping. And I give myself reasons too that why I should shop and why wasting money on something is completely okay - even when I don't need it or sometimes even want it!

So, there are certain things which make you a compulsive shopper. I am sharing mine. Let me know if you resonate and if there are other things as well!

Shopping seems like the only stressbuster

I am not kidding but I start browsing any shopping website when I am really worked up. Though I am worked up because of my screen time still I feel relaxed with more of it! And be it any shopping app, my cart is always filled with way too many things!

I shop. I feel guilty. But the joy is irreplaceable.

Window shopping - I wish that was a real thing!

For shopaholics like me, window shopping is not a thing. If you see something, you like it, you buy it. That is it.

This is actually the real challenge:

I am not a fussy shopper. I don't take a lot of time to buy anything. I am that quick shopper who shops a lot. 

A jam-packed cupboard

I usually don't repeat my clothes for a month, if I am not being very lazy. And I don't feel that it is a bad thing to have a closet full of clothes. What is bad? The fact that it never gives a sense of contentment.

Not just that, my collection of footwear makes me feel proud and guilty at the same time!

Image Source

I am compulsive when it comes to thinking that having more options is a good thing. And I know that is very sad.

Month-end is a nightmare

I desperately wait for my salary even though I don't have any obligatory monthly expenses. I just want a corpus so that I can shop whenever I wish to.

Panic Attacks to keep a stock of cosmetics, bath and body products and groceries! 

I have this thing for keeping a stock of my eyeliners, perfumes(like in the title picture!) and shower gels always full. And whenever I am running out of them - well, that has never happened - so yes, nothing really. I am a pro-active buyer. Super, proactive.

Not just that, my fridge and cupboard of snacks has to be full - even if I don't consume half of them. And I really start feeling panicky if I don't see enough supply. I am not kidding - it is a real thing.

I love gifting random things to people because I love shopping!

Whenever I feel sad or stressed, I have this urge to send people gifts. And thus I end up shopping even more. During my 'celibacy', this is what I used to do to suppress my urge to shop for myself. I know right! How lame can things get? Spending money on others to stop yourself from spending on yourself!

Image Source

Anyhow, I have done my bit of shopping during this online sale season. Though I am very guilty but I can not wait for my orders to get delivered!

This post is a result of so much guilt and I feel so twisted in my head right now.  Forgive me if I have blabbered and not made any sense.


  1. Haha, luckily I'm not a compulsive shoppers :) I can buy clothes I need, not what I like, but I spend a lot in food :p
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    1. I spend a lot on a lot of things! Books and clothes top my list! :D

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    1. Sure Chirag! And I am very positive that your decision to come back is not a wrong one! ALl the very best :)

  3. Although I hate shopping real,window or online yet i enjoyed reading.

  4. Yeah shopping is a stress buster for me too and I usually end up buying unnecessary things #dewreads