No matter how much Delhi is rebuked by environmentalists and the media today, there are reasons why Delhi is one the cities of the world which have taken various steps to be kind and eco-friendly to the environment. 

Trust me, the Government tries its best - it's the people, the Delhiites, who are too adamant to agree to anything. Take for example the recent ban on crackers during Diwali. I was shocked to see how people reacted. Sad!

Anyhow, coming back to the good thing about Delhi - Delhi being eco-friendly!

  • Back in 2010, Delhi became the first city in India to introduce CNG buses which gradually replaced all the diesel buses plying on Delhi roads
  •  Also, the auto-rickshaws now are CNG driven and the diesel taxis are also banned very recently
  • Entry of trucks is very well regulated in this city
  • Old vehicles and leaded petrol vehicles are also phased out of this city
  • We also have e-rickshaw (electronic three-wheelers) for short distance travel. Personally, I don't like them because of the traffic they create!
  • DELHI METRO! Nothing can be as eco-friendly as the Delhi Metro Train network supports public transportation at a different level! And it's ever expanding. We are going to compete with London Tube it seems!
  •  Though the odd-even scheme has a mixed reaction from everyone, Delhi is the only city in the nation which took this step
  • Treatment of dust on the roads - dust is a major contributor to air pollution
I am glad to be a part of this city! Things are bad but it is not that efforts are not being made. It is just that we all have to do our bit in achieving this greater purpose! 


  1. Hi Sushmita! I was not aware of this side of´s good to know. I was disappointed with the opposition to the ban on crackers during Diwali as well.

  2. I also came to know about these facts while researching for the series! Thanks :)