I might be doing a lot of rum cocktails in this series and it is only because rum can be experimented with almost everything and will always end up tasting even better.

The next cocktail is more of a slush and a perfect drink for the summers. Blending it with ice is the main reason which makes it stand out among the classic cocktails. The classic one is without any flavour but you can add your own twists by adding mango/strawberry or any good seasonal fruit puree while blending.


I have shared links to all the posts of this year's A to Z Challenge here.


  1. As a 'starting drinker', me and a buddy had ordered this decades ago. We expected a full glass of something so when this came in that martini glass, we were sorely disappointed cos we had that idea in our head that quantity mattered (being able to say I drink 360 ml today!)

  2. The first time I had Diaquiri... it was Aam Panna flavoured.... been a fan ever since... i mean aam panna and rum. what's not to love?

  3. I love a nice strawberry daiquiri so refreshing

  4. Great 👍🏻
    Am yet to try this :)

  5. @Roshan
    But Daiquiri usually fills me up very soon! I don't know why!

  6. @Anks
    Oh yes! I have had that! Aam panna tastes great with whiskey too ;)

  7. @Debbie
    Strawberry daiquiri is the most common and probably the yummiest variant of alcoholic drink I have had in my life! Cheers!