Think big? When it comes to higher education, we are kind of living in the age where we are supposed to inherit the college education from our parents (or the better works for some too!).

Have you heard  some parents discussing that how they struggled so much to become a doctor from a particular medical college and how their offsprings are supposed to do the same? Or may be how they found a decent job after graduating from IIT and to be as much "respectable" in my social circle, my kid should go to IIT as well?

My heart cries for those kids who have to face the“Age Kya Socha Hai?” discussion, even when his/her parents have already decided what they want him/her to do. I feel such decision by parents are like asking the kid to use the first generation brick phones in the age of smart phones!

With the changing scenarios, apart from the brand name, the overall development of a child is more important. It is important to respect the kid's imaginations and aspirations as well. 

There are some off beat universities which cater to all the needs of a student's aspirations.

So, #Think Big before you decide anything for your child and his education. 

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