We are living in an era where something like online dating also seems like a dated thing. I am not a huge fan of online dating or finding your partner through some online portal, but then again, I have had huge number of examples around me who have successfully mastered in this art of online dating.

Online dating of course offers a variety of advantages. You have lots of options to choose from. You do not have to wait as the communication is faster. You know well in advance if something is of your match or not. Then again, there are the various fears. If we keep aside the security aspect, which is the major one, there is no mystery. There are no surprises and the excitement is somewhat less. 

However, dating sites are also a pain. Make your profile and all those things - more like finding a job. And as humans are totally attracted to the concept of retrogressive development, Facebook is again gaining popularity as a portal to find yourself a date!

Showmeinterest.com is the first dating website which helps you connect with people interested in dating, friendship and marriage through Facebook.

This thing is pretty simple. You sign up using your Facebook profile, browse the profiles of people who share similar interests as you or what you are looking for (of course, they have to be single and signed up on showmeinterest.com!), find yourself a good match and you will be directed to their Facebook profile. 

Security? Oh yes, you can control who views your profile. If you have a private profile, you will be asked before sharing your profile with someone else. It is 100% free.

Seems easy? Yes. For all those who would love to explore this aspect of online dating should definitely give it a try. 

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