Oh, I absolutely love her for her sarcasm and vocabulary!

If you don't know who this lady is then you might have no idea about Indian television. Actually, you might. Because this is the only watchable show in the history of Indian Television (since my existence). Okay, so Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai is a show which has a mother -in-law (saas) and a daughter -in- law (bahu)  and they form the absolute source of entertainment. Being a lady of the upper class, Maya Sarabhai basically condemns every thing that her middle-class bahu does.

Her sophistication is adorable. Her ability to hate almost everything on this earth is inspiring.

Author's Note
Maya Sarabhai happens to be than one character who we might hate but their presence makes us feel good. We always have sonmeone to make fun of, right? Her character is adorable because of the immense amount of sarcasm, hypocrisy and sophistication.
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