And yes, the needy and the attention seeker characters - fictional or non fictional - need our attention too!

Yes, I might have an affinity toward the evil and negative characters but they all have something to say, isn't it? But this one is an awww-so-cute villain. Apparently a God (okay, half God), he is not supposed to be a villain but the aspiration for powers made him a villain. During every Avenger and Thor movie, I have felt really bad for him - but then again - he remains the villain.

The only reason I write about him is because he too, like every dark character, represents a part of us - burdened under our own assumptions  to achieve something which might not be meant for us.

Author's Note
Loki, the one who seeks powers and wants the world to kneel before him, is the nearest version of the hopeless power seeker within us. We all have our self - imposed "glorious purposes" in life. No matter how big or small they are in the universe, we run after them as if that is the sole purpose of our lives, not realizing that may be there are bigger things to achieve. Though there is that to learn from Loki, we decide not to - he is after all the evil!
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