Yay! She has been my childhood inspiration. A li'l less popular Disney character - she was the girl next door, attending middle school and fighting those super fancy villains.

I am still a huge fan. I remember how I literally drove my sister's then boyfriend to get me every soundtrack of this series - which by the way was a difficult task back then because downloading stuff off the internet was really difficult. I even raided every McDonald of the city to get the Kim Possible toy. Sadly, I could only manage the villain toy then - Shego. Yes, my life has been that sad. It has always made me come face to face with the villains.

Kim Possible lived everything I have always dreamed as a kid. Thinking about her always brings a smile on my face - without fail.

Here is the link to the first episode.

Author's Note
Kim Possible is that part of my childhood which is probably the best years of my entire life so far. And I was happy to watch her - the same teenage confusions, love, adventure - she was all that I ever wanted. Good old days. *sigh*
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