This series started to get darker, no? But then again as they say - Childhood is when you idolize Batman. Adulthood is when you realize that Joker makes more sense. 

The day the dark characters start to catch your attention more than the hero and the superhero, you know that life has finally succeeded in ruining you.  This one villain is so deep - Deepest in the history of comic book villains.

A homicidal maniac? A lunatic? A criminal genius? May be. But not a psychopath because he has emotions. Emotions which made him the possessor of a brilliant mind - which is sadly more of evil.

Joker, House and Igor they all have one thing in common - they all represent something that we all want to be. Some part of us does! Isn't it the dream - living away from the shackles of the rules of the society and doing everything that we would want to - in our own ways.

I can write a whole 3000 words paper on his character. If only I could.

Author's Note
Whenever I talk about joker, he always comes out as the sane one and Batman being the delusional one. Batman fights for justice - why? What is that? Isn't justice just subjective? How does he define justice? Who is he to do that?
No matter how much depressing it is, but I have always got attracted towards manipulation and deceptiveness. It screws up with the mind and  throws you in the heap of ultimate chaos. So Joker!

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