House is my all time facuorite fictional character and Igor Malev from the book by Paulo Coelho, The WinnerStands Alone, is my new love.

Although the quote by this character might just be a repetition of Shakespeare, but this has an altogether different meaning. You don't set them free in a hope of seeing them again but for your own redemption, which sadly is not the happy part of this story.

I am still not sure how Igor is the winner in the end but yes I am just too impressed by his passion. His ways might not be right. His ideas of destroying many universes to get his in place might not be the most noble one but for some reasons I love him. His idea of romantic love is somewhat pretty close to what I believe in. Psychopathic, yes but beautiful. this character is my dark side, whom I would never want to unveil or face. He is the id of every possible human in this sinful world.

The narration of the emotions after being separated from the lady of his life who meant the world to him is extraordinary. The feelings of this fictional character is so life like! Considering it betrayal even after two years of separation from a wife who turned out nothing but way too materialistic for him might seem impractical but is not entirely false.

Killing for revenge? No, killing for redemption is more like it.

Though that is not the fascinating part for me in this character. It is just his passion for love.

Author's Note
Igor Malev, who has everything but his eternal want for the love of his life, is the true self of every human existing on this sinful land of materialistic beauty.

"When you left, I couldn't be myself. I could keep control of myself during the day, but at night I would plunge into black depression. I had lost a part of myself that I could never recover."

Igor is a winner, who stands alone because he wanted to. He did.

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