Dorian Gray is just too much real for a  fictional character. And that is exactly the reason why I love him. And Oscar Wilde too.

Sometimes, I wish that each one of us would have had a portrait which would age and crumble with the sins and wrong doings of ours. May be not for the world to see but for introspection that what we become in those sudden fit of selfishness. When I say wrong doings and sins, yes I am aware of that they are just relative and "subjective" but what I talk about here is the basic idea of staying humane.

Dorian Gray, who values only his beauty as a worthwhile quality, knows that everyone tend to think that way. He knows how inner and outer beauty are just the same for everyone, just as his philosophy. And he makes use of this fact to fool people in the most evil way. His inner monster stays hidden from the world.

I loved the way the whole book is a metaphor specially this character. We all fight our inner demons without even knowing that we are the one creating it. And Dorian Gray just keeps the demon away from him in his portrait, thinking his beauty and youth is all that he needs.

I loved the portrait more than the character at times!

"Hour by hour, and week by week, the thing upon the canvas was growing old. It might escape the hideousness of sin, but the hideousness of age was in store for it. The cheeks would become hollow or flaccid. Yellow crow's feet would creep round the fading eyes and make them horrible. The hair would lose its brightness, the mouth would gape or droop, would be foolish or gross, as the mouths of old men are. There would be the wrinkled throat, the cold, blue-veined hands, the twisted body, that he remembered in the grandfather who had been so stern to him in his boyhood. The picture had to be concealed. There was no help for it." 

Author's Note
Dorian Gray is everything. He is good, he is evil,he is beautiful, he is ugly and he too has a crumpling soul. He enjoys being the evil because he knows it's not harming him physically. He could change at various points, he chose not to. And once he decides to change, he was evil to the core. The one story that made be believe that sometimes, may be it's too late. But I still believe that some people are lucky enough to be never that late.

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