Gregory house from the popular television series House M.D. is probably the most morosely charismatic character in the history of television. Finally, the first fictional character with whom I can identify. And I can not see anyone but Hugh Laurie portraying this character.

House is sarcastic and eternally sad. He sees things beyond the way they are. You need not to be different to perceive things differently - that is what this character portrays.

He is cynical, insensitive and rude but at the same time one will see that he is sane, sensitive and caring in his own ways. You need not to be vocal about it, right? I have loved House for everything.  Be it his being extra ordinarily observant or extremely logical, he is just adorable. He is sad. He is lonely. He is broken. He is an escapist. And yet he manages to be this awesome!

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Yes, everybody lies. Period.
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