And this is the ultimate fictional character, no? I have been fascinated by her since the days I have been using the Cindrella coloring books.

A fairy Godmother can be anyone - who just seem to have the magical power in the time of need. And these figures do exist. I mean come to think of it - there must have been some bad times when you wanted a way out and there it was. We tend to overlook them because of the "bigger" problems in life but yes, miracles always happen and they are materialised by our fairies.

Impractical? Well no. It is just faith. Faith in the well being- of our. We all need a fairy Godmother. Yes we do. There are times when we feel isolated - not physically but psychologically. The times when we are at the extreme vulnerability, we need that faith. The faith that there is someone who would just make us feel loved and secure in our own skin. Having said that I don't mean one should always need someone to validate your existence when you are at your lowest. But that faith can keep you going -towards a better life.

Author's Note
Faith and blind faith are two things separated by a thin line. I have been a person who just loves to have the faith, blurring that thin line at times. However, it is okay. I have always believed in the presence of that fairy Godmother - presence of miracles in any form. No matter how impractical they sound, miracles do happen. Patience is what we all need. It might be possible that all this while you mistook the evil stepmom as your prince charming. And that is the reason your fairy tale did not work out correctly. Just sit back and believe in the law of attraction - attract the kind of life you have always desired by keeping faith and working towards it. There is a fairy Godmother taking her time to wave her wand to make your dreams come true.
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