For me, this child is familiar to all of us during our growing up years. As a child, he is probably the most identifiable fictional character. I fall short of words for him because he lies close to my heart.

David Copperfield, as he comes of age, behaves in the most non-fictional manner.  He hates people for no reason. He trusts people even when they give him no reason to. He is mean and cruel at times. In  fact, for some readers, he might just turns out to be the ultimate villain of the book. He is foolish and impractical when it comes to romance. Eventually, with age he values the things which are more important in life - calmness.

Author's Note
This is one book which made a li'l sense when I read it in my pre-teens, but the youthful point of view makes complete sense now. David tried to reconstruct his life with all the memories. Past is never past but a space where we can never go again. It always made me wonder how can something, that existed, be gone for good. How can it simply disappear? This is an orrdinary story of an ordinary boy who's life takes the ordinary turns and finally sees a happy ending. That is how our lives are, no? We just need to stay put.
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