This guy hails from one of the most popular sitcoms of our times - Friends. Chandler Bing is probably the most sarcastic person I have ever come across - in reality or in the fictional world.

He is not someone who is like me neither I love him a lot. Although he does act like someone I love and would ruin every picture that we take. Also, their sense of humor match each other a lot.

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Apart from this reason, I am mentioning about this character here today is because I learned a lot of skills from this character.

1. It is just fun to hate everyone. And for one reason you know it is not being cynical.

2. Making sarcasm the first language was a good decision. 

3. It is okay to be hopeless and awkward in love. 

4. Acceptance of the fact that I am not good at giving advises. Not at all.  

5. Making jokes when uncomfortable is a pathetic art and I need to give up on it. 

6. Saying the dumbest thing out loud and regretting them later has become my second nature. 

7. "What if I never find somebody?" is the fear which is never real. And I know it now after watching the series the nth time. 

8. Swallowing my feelings even if I am unhappy forever. 

9.The future is scary. And it is okay to be scared about it. 

10. I can now hate and love myself at the same time. 

Funny is good. Humor and wit are good. And this character proves that. Also, the character has been well played by Mathew Parry.

Author's Note
Every fictional character represents a story, a life that somewhere down the line we all hope to live for. Friends happens to be that one serial which keeps on reminding me the value of relationships and friends. No matter how weird, impractical and unique you are, you will always find some people to share your craziness with.
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