All right, may be his most legen-wait-for-it-dary quote is

"When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead"

but as I always say, my space my say. 

This character is from the sitcom series How I Met Your Mother which I would watch whenever I feel sad or hopeless. And Barney Stinson happens to be my favourite character. I may resemble Ted, if you ask me, because he is stuck up and again, a believer. But this challenge is about the fictional characters I like or made me see through things when nothing else ever did, so yes, we talk about Mr. Stinson today. 

He is a womanizer. He lives in a world of his own. He is irritating at times. He is so rich that people would just envy him. He is a liar - a big time liar. He is an opportunist who loves to manipulate people and situations.  He has a lot of things to hate yet I love him because  his human side is just too close to perfection. 

A boy who grew up without a father and looks for the paternal love everywhere - that is the Barney Stinson I am talking about here. A guy who never loved and always lied to get woman laid, who becomes a man any girl would want to be with once he falls in love with his lady and who puts his heart and soul in that love - that is the Barney Stinson I am talking about here. 

One might live two different lives - entirely different from each other - Barney does that and does that with perfection. He might be a needy and a self proclaimed awesome man but he is a man who lives his life with and for his friends. I like that! I loved the way he became part of the gang. Sometimes, you have to be that sticky to your friends to have them in your life forever. I also like the fact that his entire life he lived for taking revenge from the guy who "stole" his first girlfriend. 

Of course, his catchphrase "Suit Up!" is one another for which I love him. No matter what, you should always look good. Yes, always. 

And Neil Patrick Harris definitely played the character well. This post would have been incomplete without his mention. 

Author's Note
I am not a keen lover of television series but there are few which I cherish. How I Met Your Mother happens to be one of them. And Barney happens to be the love of my life from this series because I too want to believe and overlook things to stay happy. It might not be the best way to live and might count as "just surviving" but in the end it seems to turn out to be good. Every fiction has a happy ending. And after all that is what we all believe in - if it's not happy, it is not the ending. 
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