Alice in Wonderland happens to be my first ever novel that I read. Alice, the girl who is a day-dreamer with strong imaginative powers, is being talked about here because I always felt so closer to her.

From being a hater of books without pictures to being a an explorer who finds out that Wonderland is  always a figment of imagination and far away from reality, I just identify with each and every characteristic.

Embracing impracticality is good. Looking for sense and logic all the time is perhaps not needed. Not and angel nor a brat nor a girl with extraordinary intellect, she is just a normal girl with overwhelming curiosity. Her curiosity brings out the brave Alice. Even in her wonderland, she is just respectful and never counters the rudeness, even when she could.

This girl laid a foundation for many things in my world. Experimenting, not having heavily defined goals and not giving up - certain things that I learned from her because they are needed and they never harm.

Also, this book altogether has been pretty close to my heart because of the wonderfully meaningful things it had to offer.

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's a great puzzle."

The puzzle we solve all our lives!

Oh, yes! Do not think that I just understood and quoted what I wanted to see. In her weird dream of this adventure of the wonderland, she does crave for sense.

"It would be so nice if something made sense for a change!"

Sense - it is just a subjective state of mind- which we all crave for, whether in reality or in wonderland.

Author's Note
I am not just a reader but a day dreamer and believer. A believer of everything and everyone. And being a believer is not a bad thing. Alice is also a believer. She believed the cakes and drinks which asked her to "Eat" and "Drink" her. The belief just helped her sail through her adventures. I just can not thank Lewis Carol enough. Also, he made me see how sometimes, forever can last for just a second. Treasuring every moment of life - as they become a memory forever.
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