Let us call this a come back post. Okay? Okay. I am not making any commitment or claiming that I will here all the time but I know this time around I will be around - a li'l less lost. At least I would want to believe that.

So, what brings me here? Just the wish to come back. This is where I belong. This is where I belong.

I chose a challenge where I have failed once. There are two simple reasons for it. Life has challenged me to do way too many things that I have failed in before that this time I decided to challenge myself. I did well in the others, so why not this? Second, this is surely going to keep me on my toes while I regain my flow of blogging - to present opinion, to jibber and to rant, at times.

So here is my theme revelation for the A-Z Challenge 2016. No random crap this year. The crap is a bit organized this time.


People say all my life I have lived in a world that is more of a fantasy world - away from the real and practical world. Yes, I have been a believer of fairy tales, miracles and everything good. I turned out to be good. Even if I would have been practical and real, I couldn't have escaped the seasonal harsh treatments of life. That is like an obligatory ritual that all of us have to face and complete. 

Therefore, for 26 days, starting from April 1st 2016, I will talk about one fictional character who have inspired me or made me feel good at one point or the other in my life. They might come from the vast source of literature or from some movie or some television series but they are good. At least for me. 

Now don't call me an anti-nationalist if you don't find any Indian fictional character. Of course, I loved Chacha Chaudhary and Shaktiman but somehow I am a li'l less inspired from Pt. Gangadhar than Percy Jackson. Though Pt. Gangadhar did teach me how to hide stuff from parents! 

I hope I don't let myself down. All the best Malakar. Keep writing!

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