I never imagined that I will be writing about this day. I have believed that the cheesy things in life are not meant for me. All my life, I have celebrated  the 14th day of February either by looking at the mushy couples doing their things in public places or by going out with my girlfriends to do away with the feeling of being alone. Having said that, I don't mean that I sulk on this day. I just embrace the fact of being alone as much as I embrace the fact that I am a girl of few meaning words.

But, as I mentioned in few of my previous posts, when you are content with almost everything in your life, you tend to do anything and everything that you want to, just to please your better and sensible part of the brain. So, this year I decided to play along with the Valentine day hokum, so as to never to have regret of not having explored that side of my life. 

I have people asking me, how do I plan to celebrate my valentine's day. If not celebrate it myself, then at least give them some beautifully creative ideas to make their day special. 

So, no matter how much I loathe the feeling of celebrating just one special day for your loved ones, this year I want to go with the crowd. 

Here is my path-breaking(?) idea:

When you know that you have just one chance at something like pleasing the (would be) other half of your life, you should never be afraid of going that extra mile. 

So, my idea goes like this. Start from 7th February and plant one gift where he is least expecting. If he is your friend and you know his wherabouts like house/college/workplace, then coordinate with someone and plant the gift. And if you are a creepy stalker like me, you definitely know how to make your gifts reach him. 

The gifts ideas should be unique. Do not go with day's theme. Don't gift a rose on rose day and sorts. I plan to use the theme of a gentleman-from attire to accessories to hobbies.

For 14th, I have two assumptions:
1. My crush would come to a designated place.
2. He is not creeped out by my previous week's activity

So, I call him to a place like a secluded parking spot and no, stop your dirty mind from racing. I need that because I will be filling my car with red and white balloons. And the pretty red car! And I call him, cut a home made cake and make my friends do a flash mob suddenly !

Yes, for a wallflower and not so cheesy individual  like me, this is is a huge challenge and I am really planning to do that. And I pick up my unique gifts from this cute online market place! I hope this works! 

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