You know the world is shrinking. And yes, we have been studying about the role of technology in doing that since ages.

For me the good thing that technology has done apart from making communication with loved ones easier is the ease of shopping online. But I stumbled across this free online market place called And that is when I got to know about the other side of the story.

It must be pretty easy for big players to reach their target customers but for people having small or medium businesses, reaching out to their customers is pretty difficult and, yes, an expensive affair. This free online shop help the SMB (small and medium businesses) with ease and literally, without any overhead charges.

So, if you have a small business, why not try this place. It is free!

Not just that, you can connect to entrepreneurs like yourself, share ideas and grow! This is like a social networking platform which which inspire you and make you inspire others.

As far as shoppers like me are concerned, there is so much for us to. Discover and shop local. And you know you are helping the hidden talents of this country. Not just that, they have pretty nice and niche categories to shop from!

This place has to be promoted and it has to reach more number of people. If you know some entrepreneur who needs a market place, go ahead, tell them about this wonderful website!

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