What? I made it? I really did? It is pretty unbelievable. For me, yes it is. I may have been the eternally sad person and I might have decided to give up on this and there might not be many hopes left for me to live with a smile but then again I realized what I have learned in the past 100 days. This challenge is not a challenge but a way of life. A way of life which makes life a li'l less miserable to live.

1st December 2015
The past one month was pretty depressing. Though my anticipation said that it should end on 2nd December but today I had given up on this challenge. I was lying down aimlessly when my phone suddenly rand and I sqw the following message.

Yes, my salary is indeed a joke because I earn peanuts. But then again, money brings happiness. It does. I was feeling too poor since so many days.

2nd December 2015
This was one day which I did not want to come even though I wanted the month of November to pass as soon as it can. This is the picture-less day. The feeling of realizing that you still mean a li'l something to some people who means the world to you but you just assumed they might never even remember you is a good feeling. That was the feeling I had today. And trust me, I have no idea if I should be happy about it or sad about it.

3rd December 2015
Whenever I have to feel good, I try to look my best. Yes, that is what I did today to come out of my miserable state. Oh, I love looking so Indian.

4th December 2015
Friday's are the almost-no-work day. The random shit you do to just feel okay. I loved this emoticon I saw somewhere. I know I couldn't look funnier but yes this is the best I could do.

5th December 2015
I have been waiting for this day since like forever. Delhi Comicon you took 18 months to come back. An amazing day with the most amazing people of my life. So much of awesomeness in one photo *sigh*. Oh and look, there is Batman too.

6th December 2015
I look sad in this picture because I tried to do a Devdas. However, this day reinforced my belief in how the phrase "solitude is bliss". I wanted to lose some of my sense(so yes, the whole bottle of wine helped me do that), introspect and look for the answers that has been bothering me.

I couldn't find any answers. But, I had the best sleep of my life. And I woke up with the true feeling that it is okay to live without having all your questions answered.

7th December 2015
I don't know if this is a happy memory or a sad memory, but the moment was good.

8th December 2015
After a break of almost a week after the run, I resumed my routine. And the feeling is just so good. The best.

9th December 2015
Birthdays are sacred for me. So are the birthday cakes. Happy b'day Avneet and Monu! :)

10th December 2015
The last day of the challenge, I can not believe I made through i and that is what you see in the picture.. Also, the feeling of feeling special when you have a friend meet you even in their sickness to help you sail through the times when you just want to drown. I love this girl. So much of love! :)

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