Yes, so the sense of achievement, only achievement, that I have in my life today is that I successfully completed this challenge. 

When I decided to take this challenge, the one thing that I had in my mind was that I will become happier. I was so convinced that this is the key to happiness - to find a reason to smile in every li'l thing. I also believed that at the end of this challenge lies happiness, a lot of it. 

But guess what? It is all wrong. You WILL NOT be happy as the challenge ends. 

However, there are far better things that you learn. You become wiser. You become aware of the certain truths of life which you knew exist but you tried to ignore them, escape them. Why did I say that? Read on!

You realize it is worth holding on to things. If you have been holding on to something but want to give up - stop, breathe and think why you have been holding on for so many years now. Having said that, I am not encouraging you to hold on to some dead meat. How do you realize this after the challenge? When you look back, you realize that all the time you called your life sad but you have 100 evidence to prove otherwise. Hold on, be brave - the past gives you the courage to hold on by being as positive as you can be.  

It is okay to have a part of you just for yourself. Always remember, there is one chapter of everyone's life that they won't read out loud. On a really bad and disappointing day, when you force yourself to find that one happy picture to complete the challenge, you will realize that you are doing nothing but camouflaging one sad part of your life. And that is perfectly okay.

You might not see it today or tomorrow, but soon you will realize how everything happened added up to something really wonderful. AND IT GOES FOR EVERY SAD THING TOO. 

You realize that hope is a sad and very painful place to be. But you will also realize that it is worth it.

You can not force happiness. This challenge makes you do exactly the same. But you will soon see that you are not forcing happiness in your life but very gracefully accepting that there are things which are not in your control and it is okay. You will also find yourself coming to peace with the fact that if you can not change anything, it is better not to think over it. 

You will also start appreciating the natural course that everything takes to reach you. Expecting, overthinking, fantasizing, worrying and doubting ruins it for you only. Plans might not work out. You just have to trust and see life's plan B for you. 

Building a wall around you is no a solution. If it keeps sadness away from you, it will also keep the happiness away. Be free. Face the challenges,. Lose, learn and win. 

Patience. Yes, it will teach you patience. Wait 

And finally, everything in life has to become okay. Just don't abstain. Accept everything that life throws at you. It is okay. Cry, make it go away. Trust me it will. 

Nevertheless, I completed my 100 happy days. I am happy that I am no longer seeking happiness in the artificial way. Because for all I know you make it to be eternally happy. 

I promise you that whatever is going on in your life will end soon. This storm is going to clean you. Life won't get easier but you will get stronger. Just trust me. Take the challenge because you have to learn these things on your own. 

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