One thing I want to make clear is that when I start to talk about love, there are chances that I would be talking about the love with romantic involvement rather than love- the feeling that we have in general for everyone.

I am not a relationship expert, as I keep on saying and probably I would never be one. And I might come out as a whining baby to all of you. But trust me, I have no hard feelings or bad experiences to share about love.  

Falling in love always makes you feel special. And then there are certainly those special moments which make you remember the times with smile on your face, even if the love was not a  happily- ever- after.

What are the reasons that make you feel special, perfect and complete when you are with your partner? All right, I am sharing mine. Do share yours. May be I missed some or may be I never experienced those. In any way, let us just share the happiness of being in love and being loved.

When in love, you never run out of your firsts. From the first time that you said I love you to the first kiss to the first time you held hands to the first drive in the rains to everything that make you feel special about sharing the cutest moment with your partner together, these firsts just brighten up your life a bit more. Though I might not be good with dates, but yes, I do have the memories of every firsts that I had and I know I could have way too many firsts to share with him.

The endless talks that you have like you haven't met for years but have known each other for ages. All right, so for me it worked a bit differently. I had known him for ages and I used to meet him probably once in a week or two, but there was always a lot to talk about. The conversations were intellectually stimulating because I could never think or talk with so much of depth and philosophical understanding. But yes, we did share our part of senseless talks. Those nights were special when we would just sit under the sky and talk for hours about everything.

The complete moments of silence which you share.  There are times when you sit quietly and embrace each other's company. You might not be doing anything together. He might just be busy playing his favorite game or catching up with some movie and you are doing your own stuff like reading a book but that feeling of sharing your quiet time with the one you have always loved and admired, isn't it a bliss? How much I miss that! Having said that, I am not saying that you share every bit of your "me time" with your other half. But sometimes it is fun, no?

The fact that you appreciate space and time in a relationship. For me, a relationship is just perfect when both the partners have their own space and own time. I never got a partner who would crib for all the time that I have or neither I demanded much of the time. Come to think of it, there are times when you are busy as hell in your life and you just need some time off, without any interruptions from anyone- work, family, friends. So isn't it just lovely when you understand this fact and have got a partner who does that too? Appreciating the fact that every individual has a life of their own is a trait that is always needed in a relationship. Also, I love those people who don't bring their significant other to gatherings with friends when they are meeting their friends after a long time and well, a new comer will be treated as the weirdo. However, I do not discourage the efforts a person makes to make his friends and bae comfortable with each other. But I do encourage people to understand the difference between some time and every time.

When your phone is not buzzing all the time and you know it is for good. I don't know how special this factor is but when your phone is not ringing or buzzing with texts from your other half, it is a sign that you have finally matured in a relationship! I loved it when I used to receive a text or call unexpectedly because hey, we had a good lives of our own. It is just one pretty feeling to be able to talk when you want to but that has not be all day.

And finally, the time when you realize that you are unconditionally in love is probably one of the most special thing that can happen to you. What can be more special than this? It is probably the time when you know that your being loved unconditionally. That is probably one thing that can make me feel special about loving someone and being loved by someone. But isn't unconditional subjective too? That calls for a great deal of introspection before I come up with an answer.

Ending this post with a happy note, loving someone always makes you feel special more than it can make someone else. Keep loving - it is always worth! 

PS: Yes, I might be sad, but writing about the good and positive things never harm anyone. But then is it a trip back? No, it is not. I am just thankful for whatever has happened in my life. It is always a good idea to remember every episode of your life with a smile rather than grudges. Do bitter experiences make me refrain from being as loving as I have been? I don't know. All I know is that being loving is always worth. 

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