These 10 days were the slowest 10 days of my life so far. One of those times when you wish a certain day to not to come yet pray for your days to just fly by, this was that time for me. And my life kind of stopped for these 10 days.

Things don't always go how you plan them to be. And that is the saddest and the hardest part to face. I think I might give up now. Not because happiness is hard to find but because I have for now come in terms to my misery and I am okay with it. Coming so close and giving up on this challenge would not be surprising, like every other thing in my life. But I don't know. I just don't want to lose this one. But for once, I have no determination either.

However, no matter how difficult the 10 days were, I somehow managed to get some clicks which define my moments to smile.

20th November 2015
Just realizing and learning some li'l things in life. Just this.

21st November 2015
The sit got real. I don't know what happens on the race day but yes, I am running as of now.

22nd November 2015
The girl with whom I can be just as crazy as I wish to be! A good day spent eating and shopping. She is just like my elder sister :)

23rd November 2015
It was Tanvi's birthday. Though I tried my best to make her feel the best but then, sudden twists of fate and you just face the unexpected. I am just sorry for this day. I am sorry for your loss Tanvi. However, I just hope that some years down the line this certainly turns out to be one of those moments which makes us smile. :)

24th November 2015
Just when nothing seems to get right in life, eat. Eat loads of desserts.

25th November 2015
Though I missed the magic number but at least I reached there. Anything good happens to this place, I am super happy!

26th November 2015
I visited my grandmother today. I love her. Just love her. :)
And came across this beautiful and creative building on my way. Things like these make me smile!

27th November 2015.
Picture-less day of the episode. A good Friday to look forward to the race day. Yay! :)

28th November 2015
And babies make me smile too. Nanaki getting ready for the fancy dress competition. Yes, she is dressed as a beggar.

29th November 2015
This was probably the highest point of these 10 days. I completed a race. Well in time. 6K in almost 50 minutes. Not bad for a novice like me.

And Deepak, thank you so much for the amazing motivation! :)

30th November 2015
Another year about to end. This year was a sad year. So sad that I am just hopeless that things can ever go right. But, just 31 more days for 2015 to end. 2016 has to be good. I just hope that I try to make it good. No, I don't feel like trying any more. I have stopped believing in miracles now so I guess I will have to try.

I hope the next days are easy to handle. Even if not then also I hope I could complete the last lap of this challenge. 

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