Surviving is becoming too difficult each day and I won't talk about it. I do feel like giving up, but no I won't. Life is good too! And I am glad I could complete 80 percent of the challenge and I am still up for it! :)

10th November 2015
There are so many things that you do to get what you want. Sometimes, that void makes you do way too many things that you never imagined you would do! Well, I fasted on this day. The hunger pangs made me do funny stuff and thus this photo! I look good though! :D

11th November 2015
There is no way that the lights, colors and postivity of Diwali can not make one feel happy. HAppy Diwali :)

12th November 2015
Happiness is meeting your soul sister after a long time for her pre-birthday present shopping and ending up with more gifts that the birthday girl!

It was such an amazing day spent with her. I so miss our college days.

13th November 2015
Once in a while, it is so good to act all kiddish and plan a midnight surprise for your friend. No matter how difficult 14th November is for me because I am torn between Mahima and Umang, the birthday surprise for Umang turned out to be good.

14th November 2015
The no picture day. I decided to get high on green tea with Sharma Ji today. If only I could have those intellectual, random and ultra mature conversation with any one else. *sigh* But yes, that was the high point of my life today!

15th November 2015
Because they will always remain my people. I mean I never imagined that I would actually have them over my place for "green tea". This feels so much like a sorority or kitty party woth even guys in it but it was not like that. They are just the best.

16th November 2015
I have never seen a birthday boy look to happy and cute! A good lunch with the birthday boy at his office. The sudden feeling that you have grown up and you no longer wait for everyone to come and have a party. Happy birthday Hitesh!

17th November 2015
And finally, when you give studying a serious thought. Studying just makes me feel complete. Though I am pretty unsure if I would be able to crack the paper this December but yes, never mind.
And these are the things which I can never memorize perhaps!

18th November 2015
It is dad's birthday but this year it was such a no celebration birthday. He just did not want one. SO me and mom decided to go on a wedding. Sounds mean but it was not!

I love the wedding season for the glamour, colors, vibrancy and of course the love that is being celebrated.

19th November 2015
And another meeting with the one in a week. I mean this is just amazing! The certain people who help me give me the high point of the day. Mahima :*

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