Happy Diwali!!

I might have cried a lot. I might have decided to just be bundled up in my solace in some corner of the world and away from human interaction, but the spirit of festivities always pump me up. Episode 7 of this challenge is one desperate attempt. But, this is about no disguise of happiness. The past 10 days saw me honestly attempting to look for one good thing in the day and helped me learn a great valuable lesson too!

31st October 2015
This is the third favourite day of my life. I love 31st October for one simple reason - one of my most admired person was born on this day. Though this year it was all the more special, however, I just wish things were same and good as always. If only wishes were horses, beggars would me like not only fly but reach the stars. *sigh*

All right, should not connect any sadness with this picture of the day. It will defy the whole purpose, right? So yes, we have always tried for a Halloween themed party for this day, but yes, this year we were certainly a bit closer to that!

1st November 2015

Meeting this girl always cheers me up. NO. MATTER. WHAT. She is one independent, crazy, strong and hell lot of inspiring girl! I love you Christy! :)

2nd November 2015

I was so proud of the fact that none from my school , college or post grad peeps is thinking of getting married. That just delays my quarter life crisis. And BAM! I receive this group message! And no matter what. this news can never disappoint anyone when you hear your friend getting married. The first one! :)

3rd November 2015

The trip to the super market jist to buy the Diwali gifts - all those alluring sweets, biscuits, juices, cakes - is always the highlight of my Diwali! And the best part is when I quietly sneak in some gift pack for myself -entirely-in the shopping trolley! So much of darkness, so much of fantasizing!

4th November 2015

The joy of running your daily target in new shoes. Pretty new shoes.

5th November 2015

All right, meeting good people is hobby. Bumping into new good people because of the older one is pure luck, And I am glad I met these two lovely people today at the second best people in Delhi NCR. Just a happy memory picture, I am not sharing their photo! :P

And of course, this was one hard thing to do. But what counts is that I see it as my happy memory. Yes, I love Cyber Hub,

6th November 2015

This is what I meant when I said that festivities always cheer me up! My workplace is certainly too bright and colorful during Diwali,

7th November 2015

The no photo day. I certain hit the lowest today during the tenure of this challenge so far. But I don't know, the introspection done today gave me a new level of hope. I have no idea for how long I am going to hold on to it. But making hay while the sun is shining. :)

8th November 2015

You know you can not be at your rock bottom for long when you have your people around. They are my peeps, forever. Continuing with the tradition of meeting at the Diwali! Thanks a lot for cheering me up! I love these people :)

9th November 2015

And finally, I have known this guy for 21 years. And we have been friends for the longest time. Catching up with him in person after almost an year was super fun. I am glad how we have matured and always stay non judgmental about each other. That is what friendship is supposed to be about, no?

I hope this Diwali brings the peace that all of you seek in your life! Happy Diwali :)

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