A li'l late again but blame it on the super busy weekend. Yes, busy because of the pre-festival weekend traffic in Delhi!

But it's never two late. Here are my day 61 to day 70.

21st October 2015

Birthdays are always sacred for me. So are birthday cakes. Happy birthday Deepak! You are certainly one of the nicest people I have known till now :)

22nd October 2015

Happiness is spending a day with family during the most sacred festival of yours. I have dedicated one post to this super happy day! I certainly missed my sister for the complete family picture, but I had few of my wishes granted(only for this day though).

23rd October 2015

I took a leave today. That made my weekend an extended weekend. This is the no picture day. I rested, I helped my mom with her work and I wrote a lot of things. A perfectly relaxing and happy day it was!

24th October 2015

I almost died of happiness today when I found that Harry Potter's sequel is already being written and will be soon released. I have no words to express the happiness that I am feeling today. Some days are good and some are great!

25th October 2015

Just meeting some good people for a happy function to celebrate life. Good enough to feel happy!

26th October 2015

One of those days when I cook beyond the mornings. Deep fried goodness. I call this Mini Potato Bruschetta with Sweet Corn.

27th October 2015

I met the favourite of my MBE lot after a long time. A very good evening spent!

28th October 2015

Early morning sweating is always good. That sounded so not right. But yes,  loads of running and sweating in progress!

29th October 2015

And after 3 weeks of hard work, I finally touched the significant figure of 5KM. Hell yeah!

30th October 2015

The happy birthday treat with the office team. Two birthday boys, one team, super amazing food and loads of happiness.

I am 70 percent done with this challenge. And I felt like giving up just one. I feel good. 

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