I have been meaning to write about this for a long time. But no day is better than the World Mental Health Day.

You might want to believe that you are healthy because you are disease free physically but mental and social well being forms an important part of the definition of "healthy".

Defined as the level of psychological well -being, mental health is satisfactory when a person is leading a life away from any sort of grief. Wikipedia suggests that any sort of stress, anxiety, depression, work related issue and any relationship problems effect the mental health. Of course, there are therapists and counselors who can help one in such situations. But do we really seek that as an option?

Sex is a taboo in our society. So is mental health. And this is sad. The thought of going to a doctor for something that has nothing to do with physical health puts a question mark on a person's existence as a "normal" human being. It is absolutely normal to go to a doctor who specializes in the field where you need help. No? I have no idea why people are scared to consult a therapist. The idea of opening up to a stranger might be intimidating, but hey, he would be the least judgmental person. Think about it?

All right, so you feel mentally stressed because your work life is not paying you off well. But is your gloomy state of mind helping your situation at all? You have a questionable relationship at home or in your circle. But is your grief stricken stage helping that relationship or you to survive in a better way? The answer is clearly a "No." And it is okay if you can not help yourself. Talk it out. Seek help. Nothing is more important than your well being. Not even what "people" will think. 

These are certain points in one's life when one must think of giving up. But you haven't been fighting for so long to give up one day, right? Success comes to people who don't give up.  No matter how difficult it is to believe but there is a solution to every problem. The problem that you are currently facing might make you feel hopeless and trapped. But you are not. You have to tell yourself that. And no one else can do it better that you. Just try to focus on the solution than on the problem once. There are times when you might just come to believe that you are the problem. So? There is a solution to every problem. No problem in this world s inherent. The creator is the sole destructor. Always remember that if you created the problem, you can destroy it too.

There is a noble purpose for everything that you go through. Trust me, only these struggles give life a meaning. And once you are past the phase, you will clearly see why everything happened for a reason. Just stay put.

It is not easy. Not at all. But we all can start small, no?

To begin with, acknowledge every emotion and thought of yours. It is important to reduce their intensity. Refocus your energy and thoughts to something positive. If finding the positive is difficult, chill. It is okay. Engross in some meaningful conversation. Take frequent meditation breaks in between your daily routine. Breath deep and be grateful for what you have rather than complaining about what you don't. Maintain a stimulating external environment. Listen to good music that takes the worst out of you and leave you with the best of the feelings. Look outside, go out and take a stroll in the greens. Focus on your physical well being. Eat good, exercise and breathe to feel good about yourself. 

Try to keep learning each day. And even after the feeling of giving up persists, go and find someone to help you. By that I meant clinical help. Always remember that it is perfectly fine. There is always someone to extend the helping hand that you need. It requires a li'l bit of patience and efforts.

PS: No matter how preachy the post must have been, I can relate to it more than anyone else. Every morning is a new challenge. Every day is a struggle of an entirely new level to survive, to move on and to accept the things that are just not in my control. I cry and let it out. I write to feel good. I run in the morning to help me see the better in me. I eat good. And when I say it is okay to seek out for a professional help, I mean it. Give it a try. Trying never harmed anyone. 

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