Well, this one comes late not because I decided to give up but because I was pretty busy. Believe me, my pictures of these 10 days were ready even before 20th October was over!

11th October 2015
My life is constantly oscillating between the decision of letting go or to hold on. I decided to let go, but then I was yet again shown the way to just hold on. I feel happy about it. I wish I could just explain the feeling.

12th October 2015
I love Mondays! I just love the early morning drill of running and then getting ready at the earliest. And not to mention, sending a smiling selfie to all the cribbing friends. Alert: This episode is full of selfies!

13th October 2015

14th October 2015
As I said, loads of selfie. This happens when you get good people around with no work in office!

15th October 2015
Happiness is gifting people with something so beautiful. elegant and gentleman-ish! This made me have the thought of being a man! :(

16th October 2015
That is how you make your workplace happy and workable.

17th October 2015
Haircut! Yes, I love them!

18th October 2015
Finally, the Pujo pumping up is here! Saree trials, hell yes!

19th October 2015
You know you are a bong when you feel the adrenaline rush after seeing this calendar.

20th October 2015
Too tired after work, but I couldn't have missed this for anything!

100 happy days challenge- so far, so good!

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