If you thought that I have given up this challenge yet again, I won't say that you are wrong. I decided to leave this challenge unfinished because I was finding it pretty hard to look for happiness around. Just when this thought crossed my mind, I browsed my phone and yes, I couldn't find reasons to quit. The last 10 days did have memories that brings a smile on my face. So yes, this episode of the challenge runs in flash back. 

I feel so proud of myself. 

1st October 2015
I love meeting these people. A Friday night well spent! 

2nd October 2015
A holiday perfectly spend with good company and ended with a customary photo with a red drink! This definitely gave up a pumped up start to my extended weekend. 

3rd October 2015
Some good li'l thought! 

4th October 2015
The no photo day! But yes, I met this wonderful person today. Let us call it a date ;)

5th October 2015
Writing gives you satisfaction. And appreciation gives that satisfaction a satisfaction. And when that comes from your best critic, its just elating! 

6th October 2015
And then, these kind of pictures just make your day. And as I say, every picture has a story! :)

7th October 2015
This was indeed the highlight of these 10 days. The day when I happily controlled my cravings and did not eat any of the food that came to office. And then, meeting Umang after a long time! And yes, that is the screenshot of the tricky route that connects my office to hers! But all worth it. 

8th October 2015
An early start to my weekend. Reading, after a long time. How much I love Mahabharata! 

9th October 2015
It's all together a different feeling to hold so much of happiness. I am scared of babies, like these tine babies. But, this one is an exception. 

10th October 2015
And a li'l more appreciation! :)

I just hope the following days are happier and I don't think about giving up.

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