I am not very sure if this is working well because I was too depressed during the third episode of this challenge. But no, I am not giving up this soon. This challenge has to complete. This time I will complete it and come out more positively.

Taking up this challenge at a time when you know that probably this is the lowest of your life so far, the initial days are tough. But the passion to face the hardship, and coming out of it, is very well supported by this challenge.

21st September 2015
When your day is just not fine, watch a movie. That is exactly what I did! And I really wanted to understand this movie in the first attempt. Unlike Inception, Interstellar is more dumb people friendly. Thank God for that!

22nd September 2015
I just feel so grateful to my blogging. It is because of my blogging that I meet such beautiful people. Ankita, the ever cheerful and happy lady! Oh yes and the hashtag, #happilymarried

23rd September 2015
Connaught Place is indeed my favourite place in Delhi. I can spend almost all day here. And I love the majestic Tricolor that just adds the colors of patriotism in the heart of Delhi! And don't judge for being so shallow that the sight of the tricolor makes me feel patriotic. But hey, accept it, it does make you feel good!

24th September 2015
Aaah! Finally the day arrived when I bid farewell to the bank who was my employer till today! I came out at the right time. Well, this is what my decision seems like as of now. I hope to make it the right one! And a quiet celebration with the beautiful people!

25th September 2015
This day had to be good because I woke up to a sudden shopping plan initiated by my mom. This day was indeed satisfactory. A beautiful day when I shopped for shoes and bags. I also bought dad's Durga Puja gift, so yeah, the moment of pride! This was followed by my cleaning spree when I cleaned my car, my cupboard and obviously, my shoe racks! These things just keep your mind away from the things which matter but you con not really do much about it. *sigh*

26th September 2015
A sudden plan with mommy darling yet again to visit my granny. I feel just so happy when I meet her. She is just perfect! :)

And then in the same house lives the fourth generation of our family too! The miss li'l poser who loves to call herself "cute Mishthi".

27th September 2015
A day when I met some new people and my one of my inspirations in the blogging world! A great event, great people and good food. I love Pao Bhaji. I just can not live without it. Manjulika, we need to meet again and plan a trip with Akansha. I will drive for free!

28th September 2015
A day which was supposed to be a new beginning turned out to be one of the most demotivating day for me. However, I have decided to think less about this now. And then, after a long time I got to talk to the one person who now means a lot to me. Talking about everything that matters and how motivating a day can turn into. Thanks :)

Blame so many calls on the recent call drops!

29th September 2015
This day was when I felt the lowest. All my past failures which keep me pushing down came back running to me and made me feel miserable. Just when I thought of giving up o this challenge, I receive a text message on the this texting app - "My DP?". DP is by the way the acronym for display picture. This message and the picture instantly brought a smile on my face that I desperately needed.
"Babies" always make me happy!

30th September 2015
One of those days when I did not need a picture. The experience of the happiness that is just there. Thank you Tanvi for meeting me for a healthy lunch :D

And September has finally ended, time to wake up Billy Armstrong. I just realized why was this song called so. September is probably the longest month. So much happened and this month just refused to end!

My second favourite month starts from tomorrow. I hope the challenge continues well, more happily.

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