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No matter what kind of a house we have, owned or rented, big or small, we all want it look the best. We spend a lot of time, energy and money to decide on the colors of the walls, the colors and designs of the curtains and various other furnishings. All these years, we have been doing it with the help of our unmatched imagination powers. But is that really enough?

Sometimes we end up buying things which we imagined to look good in our head in the set up of our house but sadly, they don't turn out to be that perfect. And we are stuck with it for a long time. This happens with a lot of things like the wall paints, wall papers, cupboards, sofa, curtains, cushion covers or even the smallest things like the lights.

To give your imagination power a boost, Bed Bath and More has come up with this wonderful tool called the Paint Finder. The paint finder allows you to visualize the various shades of colors that you want to choose for the various rooms. You can then create the shade card which will be delivered to you so that you know how well the color looks actually on the walls. The pictures of the rooms in the tool are well furnished making your visualization even more accurate.

And what more, the tool is pretty addictive. Once you try to use it, you would really like to try every shade on every room that you want to redo in your house. Just like I did!

My home presently has a soft color of peach on the walls. The main idea behind this color was to make the house look lively with a light emitting color. The trick has certainly worked. And I would definitely want to stick to it for my living area.

My bedroom is my li'l corner where I do everything - right from my contemplation to my reading to my writing - and this place has to be inspiring! My bedroom is having the minimalist look with one bed, one cupboard, a side table and a painting. If I were to redo this place, I would start with choosing a color which signifies birth and prosperity. A soft shade of green with a hint of yellow seems just perfect, no?

There are too many things to explore here. Once you visit the site, you are definitely going to thank me! Have a happy tour visiting the bedbathmore.com!

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