Another 10 days into the challenge. This time I guess happiness is taking longer time to set in. However, the last days were good enough to find the hope to survive, with a smile.

Also, I have discovered that doing posting about the 100 happy days after an interval of 10 days helps a lot in cherishing life even more! :)

11th September 2015
I met these super lovely people today. They are my feel good factor, forever!

12th September 2015
Beginning of a wonderful trip into the wild. No matter how scary it got towards the end, I am glad it happened and gave me the much needed break!

13th September 2015
Yes, it was a scary trip but the Sunday saw the arrival of this cotton ball who is surely the apple of my eye. This is going to be my pampered baby :)

14th September 2015
And the highlight of my day was to hold this tiny li'l bag of happiness. I am always scared to touch babies but this one is not scary at all. Some memories are made without the pictures :)

15th September 2015
My office swaggers! These people made my short stay in this bank bearable and absolutely fun.

16th September 2015
Having an intellectual conversation with someone who makes you believe that you mean the world to him is priceless. This was surely my lucky day.

And the wise man also said, "Do something new that you haven't done yet. You can not expect different results by doing the same thing everytime. Also, be happy because your happiness makes me the happiest"

Oh, that is the gift that came with the wise words of the gentleman!

17th September 2015
Happiness is catching up with happy and positive people for a movie based on the favourite childhood game! Oh I love Hitman!

And yes, another highlight of the day was the super amazing coffee shake that I had.

18th September 2015
Bunking office to eat roadside steamed momos. Oh! How much I love them now. The street side hogging was followed by some street side (window) shopping with this pretty lady. The love for CP. Have I mentioned earlier that CP is the favourite place of mine in Delhi?

PS: I hate Janpath market.

19th September 2015
This was certainly a happy day. From meeting this hungry cutie to having the long due date with my Sharma Ji to finally meeting the apple of my eye again, the day couldn't have been better!

It certainly makes you feel good when you do something good. The stranded puppy met its mom and was well fed. Had it not, then I would have adopted it!

And yes, a date full of sophistication should not be missed. White wine with exotic Japanese sea food and Jim Beam followed by some amazing waffle, Sharma Ji we couldn't have asked for more, no?

20th September 2015

The blog finally got a better and more chic look! I was scared to do it myself but then my own words inspired me. Oh God, how am I so awesome?

But yes, jokes apart, I would really appreciate if you can give me a feedback on the new look of my blog. Thanks :)

Looking forward to happier days ahead.

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