I am so glad that I am publishing the first part of my finding happiness project on the International Suicide Prevention Day. Isn't this just apt?

I am sure there is never any comparison of the hardships and pains that one has to face in life. And I know that there are times when you feel like giving up. And you know what? It is okay to give up. But give up on the situation, breathe deep, think about the people who smile because of you, think about the beautiful moments you have had in life and try to move on. Easy said than done, I know.  But trust me, you don't need anyone to tell you that you are strong. If you have come this far, of course you are strong enough and can deal with a lot that is even beyond your imaginations. Just hold on.

Such a preachy post, no? But as I said that everyone on this earth has his/her share of sadness and happiness. And you might never know what one is going through. There is a reason why I took the 100 Happy Days Challenge again. Things might be messed up but this is just the best way to get back at life.

Suicide seems like a good and easy escape. But why not live with the challenges. I promised myself way back in my early teens that no matter what I will never take that extreme step. Even now, I have told my friends that if ever you receive a call that I have committed suicide, just don't believe the call and reach for the CBI immediately and demand a probe. I will never take that step.

Yes, life is about cherishing each and every moment that makes you feel good. No matter how hard things are, as my online bae said, don't let life break you and scar you.

My pretty happy 100 days started from 1st of September. Some people call it fake happy, but no, it is not. Not for the ones who really need the spark of optimism in their life.

There you go, even I need that strength to fight back. And this is indeed my attempt.

1st September 2015
My simple motto of life - Look good to feel good. I certainly need a lot of motivation to just feel good. Man, I have lost the glow of my face! So, I start my month with a more determined resolution to get fit. And of course, the love of my life - yoga.

2nd September 2015
Internet is not that bad after all. Sometimes some things give you the real inspiration that you are looking for. You know about the times when you know something but want someone else to tell you that? Yes, that moment of mine.

The Good Quote

3rd September 2015
The one thing that I always anted to do was to have a business card with no one else's stamp on it. Yay! I got one. For good. Though I am open for criticism on this, but I just wanted a simple yet creative card. And yes, it is a book-mark. For the love for books.

4th September 2015
Shopping stimulates the happiness centre of the brain. And when you shop for something that you have been looking for ages, the happiness increases ten folds. I love this peach color and I love chiffon. Finally, a top that I have always wanted to own.

5th September 2015
The happiness of buying a new phone is complete when you successfully make a long distance video call with it. The most loving brother on this earth!

6th September 2015
The best memories are probably not captured by the camera. Meaningful talks with the only person I have ever loved so much happened today. Finally had the peace that I was seeking for so long. Love, any type of love, is indeed eternal. :)

7th September 2015
Just when I thought that the week is going good, I could not find a single moment about the day when I could smile. And then my online bae comes to my rescue!

8th September 2015
No matter how much you hate your workplace but it can always give you the reason to have a hearty laugh!

9th September 2015
An early day from work, an amazing afternoon siesta and a good day spent reading my faourite comics - can I ask for more?

10th September 2015
No matter how much I resist change but certain changes are for good. These people made my stay bearable at my wrong work place. And yes, I am certainly thankful to the supreme power for making me bump into people who are just so nice! :)

No matter how stupid this look but that is exactly what the challenge is about. Stealing your moment of happiness. And yes, a camera is not necessary. Just feel the happiness, photograph or no photograph!


  1. Good to see you restarting 100happydays :)
    And you've lost weight from the looks of that pic. I too have a yoga mat here. Its got cobwebs in it so I don't want to disturb the spiders anymore :p

  2. Good to see you restarting 100happydays :)
    And you've lost weight from the looks of that pic. I too have a yoga mat here. Its got cobwebs in it so I don't want to disturb the spiders anymore :p

  3. @Roshan
    Hahahaha..thanks for the compliment! Start using the yoga mat, may be? I will pet the spiders. Just FedEx them to me :P

  4. That's a fun post! good to see the happy days pictures :)

  5. yay! Tune shuru kar diya phir happiness :) complete kario is baar :P And, roshan's pic- lol :D
    Btw, I agree with roshan. The pic is so well taken that it looks you lost weight :P :P Btw congrats again on going .com. I want that bookmark too!

  6. Now do something about this comment section too :( Disqus? (Please think about me and Aseem :P)

  7. @SHashank Bhai tareef kar ra hai ya besti? :P

    Thanks :)

    Also, I am changing the comment section. Tell me if it works now :)