I have always been very sensitive to smell. Or let me put it this way, my olfactory senses are better than all other senses that I posses.

I would smell each and everything before I eat. I know it is pretty rude, but that is how I am. I hate crowded places. I don't travel by Metro trains. Why? Because body odor. I always thought that why can't they just spray some air freshener through the AC vent. And don't even get me started on public toilets. 

But as they say, what goes around comes around, I was soon facing the problem of being fighting the various odors at my end and being answerable to people. 

Let me just start from the beginning. It is very easy to pick out the flaws in people, but when it comes to one's own self - it is difficult to accept and mend it. That is one huge thing to say. However, that is my life's philosophy. It has been not really long since I moved out of my parents' house and rented an independent flat in a different part of the city. Well, that has been my dream and my parents were pretty supportive of it. 

I always complained about the odors that disturbed my olfactory system. But once I started to live on my own, I realized there are lot of things that are to be dealt with and household odors is one of them. And its not one kind of smell that hovers into the house but a myriad of odors that can literally make a house hell. 

And that immediately made me realize that how much efforts my mom must put in to keep those odors at bay. Things became scary when one weekend my mother decided to pay a visit and my house was not at all prepared! 

The air of my house starts to play with your nose even before you enter my house. Thanks to my semi-pet dog who loves me but loves the rain even more. It will get wet and then come and sleep at my door-step. I am used to the smell and thus it doesn't bother me much, the peculiar pet smell is prominently present in my house. 

The next hurdle is the shoe-rack. Though I had put it outside my house so that people can put in their shoes before entering, the not-so-pleasing smell of shoes placed in a closed rack will attack you once you open the rack to put your shoes. My house is newly made, so of course, the odor of tainted wood is something that is intolerable. 

The kitchen again is source of various odors that you can  very well even imagine - the dustbin, the sink, the pipes - everything gives out a different smell at different times! 

And that is exactly how, ladies and gentlemen, I realized that complaining about the odors is really easy than actually treating and dealing with them! I was pretty happy for my living-independently stint, however I was dead scared because something as small as this (read the daily odors) can prove my mom right. She always maintained that I can never live on my own and will end up messing with my house, leave alone my life! 

What do you think can possibly be done in this situation?


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  2. UK Sir, it is an honor to have you here on my page! :)

    Thank you! And I am a regular follower of your blog :)

  3. Haha I can surely understand your situation. It's only when we start living independently do we actually understand the difficulty in tackling these smelly issues :P.

  4. @Aseem Hai na? I sometimes just spray loads of air fresheners!