It took me really long to realize the importance of letting things go. I might not be a pro at it yet, but somehow I know that being resistant to changes serves no good.

I have to keep reminding myself of this newly learnt lesson. And this time, I am reflecting this change on my personal space-here at My World. 

I changed the theme of my blog. I had not done it for almost four years now. I just loved it. Loved it way more than any other theme that exists! But I had to let it go, no? 

My previous blog address was huge and was a li'l embarrassing too, when I had to dictate it to people but still it was something that I was. I was something that I used to identify with - confused world. But now, its time to let that go and let the world know my blog with the name that marks my existence in this world.

I really hope that this change is as good as it is supposed to be. And I hope that this brings about some really pretty interesting changes in my life! 

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