So, after a month, I return with the Part two of the Happy Hair Challenge. You can read the Part 1 here.

I used this shampoo exactly when I decided to give myself a major revamp. Yes, I decided to give myself a short haircut and some totally electrifying colors. Now, let me tell you very honestly, whenever you decide to go for something like that, the major concern that comes to your mind is not how you are going to look but how much damage will be done to your hair.

Once Upon a Time!
I was already using the Garnier Triple Nourishment range for two weeks when I decided to go for this haircut. My hair were far away from being frizzy, thanks to Garnier. So, my haircut actually started to look as perfect as they should. I mean you can not carry short frizzy hair.

The loss of my long tresses were less painful knowing that my hair look and feel good. They are definitely stronger. My hair loss reduced visibly.

My ever beautiful hair!
Now came the second part of my experiment - color. I decided to give the tips of my hair a pretty blue color. As I said, I am really afraid of the damage that can be caused, I went for direct color instead of getting my hair bleached first. For my hair texture and piano black color, blue is one color that won't stay for long. It did not, it came out after two washes.

The Super Blue fever!
Usually after hair color, the hair feel rough and damaged, but my tips were soft and smooth and healthy. Garnier Triple Nourishment lives up to all its claims.

The color is gone without leaving any damaged end. FTW!

My scalp never feels dried up. Even though I have given up on the length of my hair, Garnier ensures that the length that I still have are ever healthy and shining. And as for the tips, even though I never had split ends, but Garnier made sure that my tips are not damaged because of the chemical treatment they went through two weeks before.

The conditioner of this range is particularly really good. I liked it more because it retains the right amount of moisture to reduce the frizz. It nourishes the hair perfectly after the shampoo cleanses the hair. Using this range was a great experience.

And lastly, this leaves your hair smelling beautifully fruity all the time. My verdict is a definite yes for this range! 

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