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"Second chance", probably the most heavy phrase that exists in almost everyone's dictionary. At some point of your life, you give second chances to most of the situations or people. And sometimes, there is the boon of innumerable second chances to certain people and situations.

But, have you ever given yourself the second chance? There are numerous times when we just think of doing certain things but due to a plethora of constraints, we somehow end up postponing those things to a time which probably never comes. We keep on postponing because of the new constraints that we put on ourselves each day. And that is just human nature.

I sat down to think today, that what if I remove all those constraints and live my life today as if there is no tomorrow? What all would I do from my bucket list to grab my second chance?

I definitely will not put up the huge things like buying my house and my car, because those will happen eventually and I really can not  right now. Because, money. And that is a practical constraint!

I have been putting off getting fit, first because of studying madly to get a job and then for the Delhi's winter to subside. Yes, laziness is one of the major constraints. Going for a run everyday is not that a difficult task. I don't have any constraints now. Getting fit actually makes one capable of doing so many physical activity. And yes, of course, look attractive.

Next on my list is few solo trips. I really don't have to wait for anything for these things. I can do them now. I want to go to Leh. I want to go to Lakshadweep. I want to go to Kerela. 

I want to buy and read every book, by that I mean classics, that has ever been written and published. I don't know what stops me from doing that.

If I could, I would take up story-telling as my full time profession. This one in particular requires hell lot of security and stability in life. If Only..

I live a life which is peaceful. I live in the present and go with the flow. I know that I don't dream or aim big but yes, certain dreams are there to be chased!

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