My third tag came along on 7th October 2014 by Dr. Roshan.

For my convenience, I have decided to keep the rules same as that of Season 1 and Season 2 of the Liebster Award on my blog. 

The Season 1 can be found here. And my 10 facts could be found here.

Question 1
What was the best moment of your life till date?
The day I was born I guess! Life has been new and challenging since then, everyday! 

Question 2

If not 'your present job', what would you see yourself doing in life?
Serving people food they like in my own restaurant. 

Question 3

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Tobey Macguire. Because he was Spider- man

Question 4
The best friend you have made in the blogosphere?
Undoubtedly Dr. Roshan! :D

Question 5

I'm giving you a million dollars. How are you going to spend it?
Show me the money. It makes my mind gears work properly :P

Question 6

Your best feature?
My eyes. My Smile. 

Question 7

Show us a photo you possess on your computer/mobile that you just love?

All right, it did not say my photo, but then again, I am self obsessed. A bit.
Question 8

Two books you would recommend to everyone?
13 steps to Bloody Good Luck by Ashwin Sanghi because I read it recently and Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.

Question 9 

Favourite food dishes?
Has to be  Pao Bhaji

Question 10 

A celebrity you feel is highly underrated and deserves more credit (and why)?
Abhay Deol?

Question 11 

Share some insightful advice you have learned NOT FROM BOOKS but from the crazy journey of life?
It is okay to say no. Also, I will be sharing an entire blogpost on this soon!

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