For me, the first day of any year is very important. I believe in the fact that whatever you do on the 1st of January, you end up doing that throughout the year. So, every year I am really careful and every move of mine is really very calculated.

This time, as I mentioned in my last post, I decided that I will let this year be a surprise. So, I did not plan anything for the 1st and let my life take its own route. I wish, I hadn't. 

The day was weird, rather all mixed up. My mom was pretty ill today, so I had to spend almost all of my day in the kitchen. I went bankrupt with respect to my phone balance and Wi-fi. No matter how much I tried to please my parents, I failed, like every time.  

But, as I promised myself, I will only keep the better memories and try to see the good things about each day, so here you go. 

#100HappyDays, Day 1.

All right, so six pictures in one day. That is just the enthusiasm of the newly taken up challenge talking. I just hope I don't make up for picture-less first 100 days saying that I posted 6 pictures on day one. 

All right, so my day started with arrival of my new boots(yes, finally I own one pair!) and a skirt. And I am loving both. A li'l New Year Cake, one too sweet chocolate, an appreciation for my blogging and helium balloons(I love them!) which are a gift from someone special who spent some really good time with me, made my day pretty good despite the other sad things that kept happening throughout the day. 

Without a plan, the day went good because I decided to see the better things in life. 

Bring it on 2015! :)


  1. Good start to the year :). Whoa. U managed to take part in the Micromax HH? :O By the time I logged on, I realized a contest is over :/

  2. Yes A seem I did! Life of sad people who have nothing to do on the new years eve but sit in front of their computers! AMD yes, this one was a challenging HH!