"Pari, I look like a baby."

"No, you don't. Now get in the car, we are getting late."

Pari and Abhinav were the best of friends. They lived in the same neighborhood. They grew up together. They went to the same school. They went to the same college. They did their post-graduation together and now, they were working together in the same organization. They have literally never spend much time without each other. 

"I always thought I never look good in a beard. That was the reason I always stayed clean shaved. But I had a messy hairdo to make up for it and now you made me go for this haircut. I am trying to impress Sonal here, not shoo her away." cribbed Abhinav.

"You are looking like a gentleman. And you did not have a beard all these years because you thought you did not look good with it? I thought you hate the unshaven look!" Pari snapped while switching on her car's ignition. 
The very sad Abhinav, with his new look.
"No, no, no. I love that unshaven look. It's just that I can not have that."

"Look, you have no reason to love that. It is just disgusting. It might look good on some men, but it instantly gives a dirty and unhygienic vibe."

"You won't understand it Pari. Leave..", said Abhinav sadly. He continued, "Sonal is already surrounded by guys who look even more manly with their untamed facial hair. And here, you have given me this stupid hair-cut to look like a high-school graduate!"

"Beard doesn't make you look manly! Okay tell me, why do you think it's good to have beard. Or better still, why do you think it is bad for you to not have that unshaven look." Pari asked him, looking him in disbelief. 

"I will give you not one but many." Abhinav said confidently.

"Ok, shoot. And I will tell you how lame you are." 

"So here you go. First, every girl I see around has a guy with at least a stubble. And I am here sitting single. Even my body clock is ticking! Girls prefer guys with a stubble. I feel alienated." 

All the bearded men get the girls!
"Oh hello! That is just in your mind. You just see those girls who have those kind of guys around. Sumit is clean shaven. Payal's boyfriend is clean shaven! Get out of your myth. Or do you think me and Payal are not girls enough?" Pari gave a hint of anger. 

Girls actually don't like that unshaven look. 
"All right. People tend to judge your machismo based on your facial hair.."

"That is just preposterous! Your actions, your words and your conduct determine that. Trust me Abhi, for a girl, or for anyone for that matter, beard is not anywhere in the list. In fact, beard makes a man look really aggressive. I am sure you don't want to carry an angry looking face! Next?"

Beard can make you look aggressive!
"No beard makes me look like a kid."

"Actually, studies have shown that beard adds a few years to your appearance. Do you really want to look 35 at 25?"

A beard definitely adds some age. 
"I can not try a new look. I have to always rely on a change of wardrobe for that."

"Oh come on now Abhi. This new hairstyle makes you look good. It is like having a whole new Avatar of your!" Pari smiled at him. 

"Lastly, No -shave- November is just like any other month for me."

"See, the no-shave-November or Movember is a movement to spread awareness about cancer in men. Beard shows men's health. There are many other ways of creating that awareness if you are really worried. You can make the donations otherwise also."

Image source
"I guess you are right. But I don't know man.."

"You are just over thinking. You look good! Now wait here while I park the car." 

Pari came rushing from the parking lot. They took the lift to their office. 

"Just be calm and ask her for a cup of coffee." Pari said to Abhinav while pressing the 8th floor button.

"I just hope.."Abhinav was cut short as the elevator door opened. 


"So, how was your coffee with Sonal? Or should I say your coffee date?" Pari teased Abhinav they sat in the car after their office was over.

"It was good.", said Abhinav. He was clearly blushing. 
"Are you blushing Abhi?" Pari was pretty shocked.

"Well, thank you. She said that I like really cute in this hairstyle. She said it suits me. She also complimented about the fact that how I am not following the no-shave-November thing blindly. The unshaven look all around gives her very creepy and unhygienic vibes." Clearly Abhinav could not control his excitement. 

"Ahan! See what I said. It is always about the confidence and the way you talk and behave. Some facial hair don't determine anything. Now, I demand an ice-cream treat!" 

And yes, Abhinav and Sonal lived happily ever after. Sometimes the first date and impression plays all the role in determining the future. A well groomed look ensured that Abhinav struck gold on the opportunity of asking Sonal out. 

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Illustration Source and inspiration : The very cool app on Facebook called the BitStrips.


  1. haha! Please don't discourage men not to have beards. Mard ki nishaani hai yar!

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