And this is my 100th post!

I really never dreamed about reaching this milestone provided the the amount of laziness I have in every drop of my blood and the fat that runs in my body.

When I look back, the stats of my blog are just incredible :
1. 11 posts in 2009, 6 posts in 2010, 8 posts in 2011, 7 posts in 2012, 13 posts in 2013 and 54 in 2014 so far.
2. Most of my older posts of the starting years has almost 10 folds the view of my present the posts.

I just realized that had I been more active, I could have achieved this magical number sooner. I did write more than 50 posts in 10 months, didn't I?

My blogging experience so far has been great. In the first year of my adventure I met so many beautiful bloggers with whom I am still great friends! I got amazing chances to meet even more more wonderful and inspiring bloggers. A wonderful learning experience it has been, which I hope will continue for a long time to come.

This particular space of mine is rightly named "My World". This is just a part of me and I love it with all my heart and soul. Some might not like the format, some might not like the layout and some might not even like the name, but that won't make me change anything about this. I just love this space that I share with myself.

100 is indeed a huge number. At times it happens that I run out of ideas to write. So, to regain a momentum, I will be taking a break and let some beautiful people in my life write for you to read.

These 10 people, for the next 10 weeks, will give you something good to read, which probably I have not written yet. They are not necessarily bloggers, but people who can express themselves in a great way and they should be heard. :)

I will be writing some regular reviews and might rant with my usual stuff in between, but these 10 people will be the hero of my blog for sometime now.

I hope the celebration of 100 posts extends till 1000 posts and beyond.

Yes, happy Diwali! 

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